Ed Hansen For Toni Wilson, City Of Tucson


Dear Ms. Schrader and Mr. Laurie,

….how appreciative I am of the job done by Thomas Weddingfeld…. Thomas’ professionalism, coupled with his sense of humor and straight forward way of dealing with unforseen problems made the purchase of the property relatively easy.

…every meeting with Thomas was fit into our schedule…..he spent a great deal of time finding out exactly what we wanted in our home. …..A small list of quality homes was produced and we looked at those, no time was wasted on “possibles”.

…The property needed repair to bring it up to sale price, and Tom handled the negotiations adeptly. Opinions on Thomas’ part were never offered by him, only solicited by us. We were never pressured into any decisions, and Thomas was always available to answer any question.

…In conclusion….thank you both…for the professional manner….I will recommend…Thomas Weddingfeld to anyone regarding a real estate transaction.


Ed Hansen for Toni Wilson, City of Tucson