Meg Pradelt, Sears


Dear Ms. Mance,

This is a brief letter commending the efforts of one of your agents, Thomas Weddingfeld…..

Thomas was given my name by one of his previous customers who happened to sit next to me on our return flight from Tucson to Chicago…

His professional, organized approach impressed us right away……He followed up by making videos of three properties…

We returned to Tucson…and found Thomas to be every bit as efficient and well-prepared as we expected him to be…..He had a system…

….after our offer was accepted, Thomas was right there helping us contact all the people we’d need. Throughout the closing process he was extremely helpful, following through on every detail, doing many things that were probably not really “his job”- generally watching out for our interests and helping relieve a lot of the anxiety.

We are truly pleased with our purchase, and equally pleased with Thomas’ efforts that made it possible.